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Dead Sea Products for your Health and Beauty

Updated: May 17, 2020

Why is the Dead Sea special?

The Dead Sea has long been considered a unique travel destination due to the high concentration of salts and minerals in the water as well as the agreeable climate, both of which constitute a factor in the spa treatments that the location is known for. The lake attracts a plethora of tourists each year, seeking to relax amidst the desert view and float effortlessly upon the salt-rich water.

Dead Sea minerals benefits for your health

The composition of the Dead Sea, the salts and mud derived from it contains uniquely higher salt and mineral concentration than other bodies of water, including higher concentrations of calcium, potassium, magnesium and bromide than in the ocean. There are high concentrations of minerals in the water of the Dead Sea which are beneficial to the skin, and the black mud found at the shores of the lake has been shown to bear antibacterial and hyperemic values. Magnesium sulfate, for example, more commonly known as Epsom salt, is found in relatively high concentrations in the Dead Sea and is known to contain antiseptic properties. For these reasons, inter alia, the Dead Sea products is often used in treatment of various skin disorders or imperfections.

Although not everyone may afford a luxurious spa vacation in the Dead Sea, the benefits of its minerals may be sought in the form of medical and cosmetic dead sea products which are distributed worldwide. Common products include natural mud and salts, as well as skin creams which include concentrations of Dead Sea derivatives as active ingredients. Skin care products based on Dead Sea components are often used in the treatment of various skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, lichen planus and vitiligo, but are also quite common in the field of cosmetic beauty.

Dead Sea Minerals cosmetics and skin products

Dead Sea Products are variegated, including hair and nail products, skin moisturizers, foundations, facial masks, exfoliating products and more, which are enriched with Dead Sea minerals to nourish the skin and hair. Mud-based products are prevalent among in Dead Sea cosmetics, and may be found for both the face and body. Dead Sea facial masks often include Dead Sea mineral-rich mud accompanied by plant extracts, and are used to clarify the skin by absorbing excess sebum, leaving the skin matte and replenished.

It is also common to find products based on Dead Sea salt, which is rich in concentration of minerals. The Dead Sea minerals are included in moisturizes, with a combination of vitamins and oils, to nourish the skin and help prevent signs of ageing. Dead Sea salt is also used as a salt scrub for the body, combined with soothing oils, to exfoliate the skin for a silky and smooth finish. The salt may be found as a product by itself with no additives as a bath scrub. The invigorating minerals in the salt helps relax the muscles and enhance skin softness when soaked in a bath.

While the Dead Sea may be a far destination for many, its derived products are abundant and easily accessed to all. Anyone may enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating skin treatment with infused Dead Sea minerals at the comfort of their own home.


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