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Microblading Training

Microblading Course

Microblading is perfect for those who want to enhance the beauty of their eyebrows, either define, reconstruct, cover gaps or fill-in over plucked brows. The hair strokes created by microblading technique appears crisp and it is simply the best way to create natural looking eyebrows.

3 days Microblading beginner class (private or semi-private)
This intimate course is 1 to 1 with the instructor (Max 2 students).  The small class is designed for beginners with no prior microblading experience. During this customized 3-days course, student will understand the fundamentals of microblading and will practice on latex and foam board which have been carefully designed for microblading practice. 


This course will provide a starter kit with: 

  • Two pigments

  • Make-up bag

  • Design pencil

  • Assorted blades pack containing our newest precision blades

  • Hand pieces

  • Design ruler stickers

  • Latex & Foam board for Microblading practice

*** All product from PrincessBrows and House of PMU. Additional supplies are available for   purchase upon course completion****

Topics covered:

  • Introduction of Microblading

  • Eyebrow design

  • Symmetry eyebrows

  • Microblades introduction

  • Classic hair stroke

  • Skin anatomy and natural regeneration

  • Colour theory

  • Old tattoo correction

  • Work station setup & sanitization

  • After care & follow up


We have manual Microshading and machine Microshading. Microshading is created by “dot work” and gives very natural powder filled look and can be used to cover old tattoos or change previous eyebrow colour. Compared with Microblading, Microshading creates a fuller and powder effect.


3 days manual Microshading & Machine Microshading beginner class (Private & Semi-private)

This small class is designed to ensure students understand Microshading and are able to transform theory into practical application. Students will learn tips to expand their knowledge beyond the basics.


We’ll explore a variety of critical Microshading topics including:

  • 3D Microshading introduction

  • Tool configuration

  • Proper depth of application

  • Machine introduction

  • Colour theory

  • Sanitation and sterilization

  • Skin preparation and aftercare

This course will provide a starter kit with:

  • Two Microshading Pigments

  • 4 different types of Microshading blades including our best-selling syringe pen

  • Eyebrow design pencil

  • Hand pieces

  • Eyebrow design stickers

  • Makeup bag

  • Latex for practice


*** All product from PrincessBrows and House of PMU. Additional supplies are available for   purchase upon course completion****




To be Announced.


2 Day - Microblading Training $1800 (single certificate)
2 Day - Microshading Training $1600 (single certificate)
2 Day - Miroshading & Microblading Training $2800 (dual certificate)

A $500 deposit is required to book and confirm the class time. The deposit will be reimbursed toward the total course cost.  Deposit is non-refundable.



Meet your PMU instructors


Message from Kandy:


Hi beautiful !  I am really looking forward to meeting you and share the PMU techniques and tricks I have learned over my experience and from many international PMU masters. There is so much to share and learn and it is exciting to meet people who are inspired by beauty and looking to succeed in the beauty industry. In PMU CANADA ACADEMY we are going to be supporting and building each other up while you embark on your PMU journey. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

PMU CANADA ACADEMY - Treatment Product Training

Certificated Distributer of PrincessBrows & House of PMU

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