Hands-on Master Class with Rebecca Chung

About Rebecca Chung

Rebecca is an internationally known permanent makeup trainer & specialist. While in her home city of Hong Kong, she created her own manual technique called 'Microblading'.

In 2011, Rebecca opened her first permanent makeup salon "Princessbrows ' in the Hong Kong Central district.  Her second shop 'Princessbrows Semi permanent makeup Training Academy' was open at the end of 2013.  Since then, Rebecca has become an official distributor of IPM micro-pigmentation in the Asia Pacific region and a Speaker at various worldwide permanent makeup conferences in Russia and other European countries.

In 2013, Rebecca was the first person to create a manual hairline tattooing technique & manual lashes tattooing.  By the end of 2014, she has become a Quality Ambassador for Biotek due to the high quality and professionalism she has achieved in the Permanent makeup industry.

In 2015, Rebecca has became the distributor of Purebeau Finest Permanent makeup in Asia and created her own permanent makeup machine that is made in Germany.  During 2015 Rebecca also launched her first permanent makeup pigments series, manual tools, and products. 

Rebecca continues to dedicate her time and effort into her permanent makeup teaching.  Her teaching activity has spread to many countries, such as America and many European countries.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Founder / Master Permanent make up artist - PrincessBrows Semi-permanent makeup Ltd.
  • Founder / Permanent make up Trainer - PrincessBrows semi permanent make up Training Academy
  • Speaker at the first International Conference of Permanent makeup in Russia
  • Speaker at the Congresso International de Micropigmentation in Brazil
  • Speaker and Participant at the International Championships in Permanent Makeup TIPMCC in Poland
  • Speaker and Participant at the first Championships of Biotek Congress in Italy 

International Master Classes Instructed by Rebecca to date:

  • Montana, USA
  • Los Angeles, USA
  • Miami, USA
  • Sao Paolo, Brail
  • Curitiba, Brazil
  • Recife, Brazil
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Pyatigorsk, Russia
  • London, UK
  • Birmingham, UK
  • Toronto, Canada

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​​Hands-on Master Class - Course Summary Information

Description:  3 Days Hands-on Master class with Rebecca Chung
Location:  Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Date:  Feb-4-2017 (Saturday) to Feb-6-2017 (Monday)

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Course Details:

  • Intensive  hands on “Ombré  PrincessBrows” Microshading Workshop From Rebecca Chung in Toronto - 1 Day (Feb 5, 2017)
    • ​In this 1-day intensive course she will teach you the art of manual Micro Shading technique.
    • This is a completely new method by using a manual hand tool, with disposable microblades to create a very natural power, gradient look eyebrows effect. Some people might call it “ Ombre” brows. The pigment is deposited into the upper dermis very carefully with the shading microblades which is very high quality products from Korea with certificates, double sterilised package, manufacturing date, lot number. 

  • Intensive  hands on “Velvet Lips” Workshop From Rebecca Chung in Toronto- 1 Day (Feb 6, 2017)
    • Get the ultimate velvet pout with this richly  colours, specially created by The House of PMU pigments palette (made in Germany).  Its   an unique gloss and natural permanent makeup lip technique which gives your clients full, sensual lips 24/7 without any definition contours.  
    • “Velvet Lips” is the perfect way to restore shape and fullness lost with age and transform thin or uneven lips in Velvet perfection. 
    • A colour is selected from a huge range of fabulous shades, to either blend with your client natural lip color or to match  favourite lipstick.  
      Absolutely kiss-proof and as subtle or dramatic as her desire!!  
    • Learn from the best, become the best!