B. OPTIMAL (Target)
(Pick from one of the below advanced options!)

These treatments are pre-dosed and in high concentration to target specific skin condition, with visible results after one treatment. * For maximum results we recommend a series, ask your esthetician for a customized plan of action.

Option 1 - Clear Up Acne management  (80 minutes) . . . . . $105

"See us before you fight acne alone!"

This clinical treatment is the newest alternative in targeting oily, comedonal and acne prone skin. These highly effective ingredients issued of the latest technological advancement are designed to eliminate acne lesions, reduce inflammation and mattify the complexion without compromising the integrity of the skin.

Option 2 - Glycolac Peel  (80 Minutes) . . . . .  $105
"Dear Dull, let's break up!"

With the use of Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, this treatment is useful in refining thick textured skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This well balanced AHA favors cellular renewal thus reviving and brightening dull complexions with maximum efficacy and complete safety.

  • For best results, recommended to perform a series of 4 treatments

Option 3 - HydraScience AHD  (80 Minutes) . . . . .  $125
"If you’re looking for that  Fresh youthful glow and want ultimate luxury!"

Your skin is made up of 70% water. Cells that do not lack water show a greater resistance to aging and are less sensitive to different environmental and climatic stresses. Thus, hydrating our skin is an essential daily step to maintain it's beauty and healthful glow. The immediate effects are visibly younger looking skin. Recommended for all skin types including sensitive. Also an ideal treatment before and after a vacation to the south or before any anti-aging surgery in order to promote healing and recovery.

Option 4 - Rosa-C3  (80 Minutes) . . . . . $125
"If you find  your skin is always a bit rosy and sensitive, you will want RosaC3!"

 Reduces redness and irritation associated with sensitive skin and calms down inflammation in the cells. Perfect for clients battling Rosacea

Option 5 - Radiance White Treatment  (80 Minutes) . . . . . $125
"Brightens your complexion, reduces the brown spots and uneven dull skin on both Face & Hands."

Using optimized Vitamin C, this treatment evens out the complexion, and lightens sun damage and hyper pigmentation will the skin is being bathed in hydrating fluid to reduce those fine lines.

  • BONUS: Includes a FREE Radiance White HAND treatment

Option 6 - Pure Anti-aging  (80 Minutes) . . . . . $140
“BOTOX” Facial without the needles!

From the first signs of wrinkles, this anti-aging treatment is an alternative to invasive and aggressive cosmetic procedures like fillers and botox. It firms with a “botox-like” effect, reducing the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles, and plumps fine lines reducing the look of the wrinkles, like fillers.  

  • BONUS: Includes a FREE Pure Anti-aging EYE treatment
  • Recommended treatment to “freshen up” in between your injections.

Option 7 - Excellence ThermoSculpt  (80 Minutes) . . . . . $140
"A “Face Lift” without the surgery!"

This revolutionary treatment protects the skins precious stem cells and helps to recapture the skins youthful shape, by gradually tightening the skin. This treatment aims at toning redefining and remodeling the skin deep down to strengthen, tighten and fight against gravity to resculpt facial contours.

Option 8 - Ultra-moisturizing collagen Veil  (80 Minutes) . . . . . $140
"Recover your skin's natural glow!"

This skin regenerating professional treatment leaves the skin supple, soft and younger-looking. A true "second skin", the Ultra-Moisturizing Collagen Veil with hyaluronic Acid is both a vector of active principles and an active principle.

  • BONUS: Includes a FREE Collagen EYE treatment
  • Recommended pre or post cosmetic surgery or peels to promote faster healing

Choose your facial


Eye Treatment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$20
Help to obtain a glowing, youthful look in 15 minutes while providing an instant glow and a “lifting” effect thanks to its formula enriched with pro-Retinol, Aloe vera and Vitamin K. They visibly attenuate wrinkles and fine lines, smooth, firm and hydrate the skin while reducing fatigue signs.

Lip Treatment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $15 

Includes a gentle exfoliation, mask, and nourishing balm.

Skin Care / Facials


(Pick from one of the below options and relive your skin problem in 30 minutes!)

Option 1 - Beauty Flash Hydrating Soothing Facial  (30 Minutes) . . . . . $65

Consists of a concentrate of ultra-hydrating and soothing active ingredients resulting in immediate action. You will notice this treatment diminishes redness or sensations of discomfort while allowing your skin to restore to maximum hydration and suppleness.

Option 2 - Beauty Flash Youth Enhancing Facial  (30 Minutes) . . . . . $65

Consists of a concentrate of anti-aging and youth enhancing active ingredients resulting in immediate action. You will notice this treatment smooths wrinkles and fine lines and returns suppleness and firmness to the skin.

Option 3 - Beauty Flash Anti-pollution Oxygenating Facial  (30 Minutes) . . . . . $65

Consists of concentrated detoxifying and toning active ingredients for immediate radiance. You will notice it purifies the skin under stress and pollution, hydrates and smooths facial features.

Option 4 - Beauty Flash Beautifying Eye Care Facial  (30 Minutes) . . . . . $65

This is a professional treatment consisting of three phases.  This treatment was created for the care of the eye contour, the most delicate and active area of the face. It helps to attenuate and prevent skin ageing signs. Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced and smoothed. Dark circles and bags under the eyes are diminished. 

Option 5 - Beauty Flash Just for Men  (30 Minutes) . . . . . $65

This really should say "NOT just for Men" – this treatment has scrub to help smooth out rough uneven complexions.

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Choose from the following facial services:

A. FUNDAMENTAL (Cleanse) – in the need for a good cleanse
B. OPTIMAL (Target)
– you have specific concerns with your skin
- just a little pick me up


At time of your treatment our qualified estheticians will complete an extensive skin analysis and consultation with you and preform the best option within that category for you and your skin.

Choose your facial

​​​A. FUNDAMENTAL (Cleanse)

Over time your skins ability to regenerate slows down, this can lead to a build-up of dead skin, clogged pores and an overall dull complexion. A facial is recommended to keep your skin at its best. Our qualified estheticians will complete an extensive skin analysis and consultation with you and chose the best option for you.

​​​​Hey Sexy Signature Facial (60 minutes) . . . . $75
Man Facial (60 minutes) . . . . . . . . .  $75

Teen Facial (60 minutes) . . . . . . . . . $65
Back Facial (70 minutes) . . . . . . . . . $100

Express Signature Facial (30 minutes). . . . $55
(Refreshed, glowing, and re-energized skin in record time – less than 30 minutes!)